Know About Air Bag Injuries

Air bags are a form of safety check system that works in conjunction with seat belts in cars, vans, trucks and sport utility vehicles. They are slightly complex in design and come equipped with crash sensors, air bag modules (which consist the folded bags and inflators), and electric control units.

The huge majority of air bags operates correctly, and deploy safely and efficiently. The United States government has offered a statistics that shows that approximately as many as 24,236 lives have been saved since 1990. While these devices are pretty useful and can be very valuable, they sometimes malfunction and can really cause damage. You can consult Takata airbag lawyer to get Takata airbag lawsuit information.

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It is estimated that two hundred and eighty-five individuals, comprising one hundred and eighty children, have been killed because of air bags. Innumerable others have suffered severe injuries. (Statistics courtesy of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) You can know about Takata Airbag Recall and Takata Airbag Recall Lawsuits via various online sources.

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In order to comprehend how air bags can both help and hurt, you are required to understand how to correctly use air bags. When traveling in a vehicle armed with air bags, the following is suggested:

  • Always wear your seatbelt
  • Always sit with a distance of minimum of ten inches away from the steering wheel
  • Always make sure kids between the ages of one to thirteen years old are appropriately secured in child safety seats, or booster seats and they are in the back seat of the vehicle
  • Never use rear facing car seats in the front seat of a vehicle
  • If children are seated in the front seat, always ensure that the air bag is temporarily disabled
  • Always make sure the air bag is directed toward your chest, not your face or head

As with other auto faults, strict liability law applies to all auto accidents that include defective air bags. In order to bring a case forth and to get compensation for damages, the sufferer must be able to provide evidence that proves the air bag contained in the vehicle had an "excessively dangerous" defect that did not prevent the damage or cause further damage.

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