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“Substances” is an album by DJ Cam, released in 1996. It is a hybrid of jazz, trip hop, and electronica, making a bridge between those styles and combining them into one cohesive whole.

Even though some tracks veer towards ambient, and all of the small interludes between the songs are produced from jazz-oriented loops, it is usually classified as a trip hop recording, especially for its slow-paced beats and stylistic origins.

Compared to a DJ Cam’s other works, “Substances” link to hip hop style may not seem so apparent, verging probably more towards ambient, and jazz.

Instead of the raw hip hop beats and occasional rapping, this record mainly features electronic atmospheric effects, ethereal vibraphone, harp arpeggios, strings, and breakbeat. Aside from this,  buy a cheap  sj4000wifi throughนิ้ว-black-ประกัน-1-ปี

Just as his previous “Mad Blunted Jazz”, the album “Substances” reflects DJ Cam’s fire and delicate understanding of jazz songs by including short samples and clips from famous jazz recordings. Rather than this, Checkout for more info about Action wifi camera.

“Friends And Enemies” is built around a melodic piano loop, as played by the legendary pianist McCoy Tyner on “Wise One” by John Coltrane. However, this doesn’t mean that this record has only sampled jazz records.

“Angel Dust” is possibly among the most fragile and peaceful tracks on this recording. It features a mellow sample by a Blue Note classic tune called “Lazy Afternoon” by Pete La Roca.

Due to the greater influences of jazz and ambient music, “Substances” is much more melodic, inner-oriented, sentimental, and dreamy than the previously published “Mad Blunted Jazz”. The beats are perhaps not so sharp and featured as some of the die hard fans might expect, hoping to find another selection of fat hip hop grooves.

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