Hybrid App Development Services

In this digital era, the popularity of mobile applications is increasing day by day.  Now, more and more people are using smartphones and use mobile applications for their everyday work.

Choosing the ideal framework is important for the evolution of the hybrid application. There are different kinds of frameworks for hybrid app development.

1. React Native
The main purpose of this framework is to develop native applications, rather than developing hybrid apps which run in a web-view. However, the development is still completely done through React & JavaScript. This framework isn’t customized towards beginners in web development.   If you want to know more about coding visit http://www.piatec.co.th/ .

2. Onsen UI
With the help of this open source framework, developers can make applications by combining native appearing elements. This user friendly framework is able to work without AngularJS.

3. Ionic
This is a popular framework and preferred the choice of many program developers. The CSS portion of this frame can be used to create native looking designs.  To find out more about Customer Service Systems and get free tips on how to grow your online business visit  http://www.piatec.co.th/ .

4. Framework 7
One of the best advantage of this framework is that it doesn’t have any extra dependencies like React or Angular. Still, it uses to create apps feel and also look native, with eye catchy animations and properly styled components.

5. jQuery Mobile
Among the oldest mobile frameworks, jQuery Mobile does not attempt to make application that seem like Android or iOS. Instead, its main function is to help in creating web applications that will work nicely equally on all mobile browsers like Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian. This framework is known for its lightweight, easy to use and learn.

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