All About Thailand Tourist Visa

Thailand is a beautiful nation. Its tropical weather and rich civilization behave as ordinary magnets for anyone that resides from the far-side of the planet. A major chunk of Thailand’s earnings is got from the tourism business, which makes her the tourism center of this far-east.

What’s a Thai Tourist Visa?

A tourist visa can be a stamp or record needed therefore that you may stay in Thailand for a set time period, with the intention of tourism. You can get all updates on Visa | Chiangmai Global Tour (which is also known as”วีซ่า | Chiangmai Global Tour” in Thai language) online at any time.

 It’s stamped in your passport upon arrival at the airport in Thailand, or it may be gotten at home country throughout the Thai embassy or consulate located out there. The tourist visa may also be extended if needed.


When obtaining a tourist visa for Thailand, sure fees and documents are required to have you. The records and the fee will be susceptible to change anytime and without any prior notice, therefore it’d have been a fantastic idea to get an aspiring tourist destination to inquire for your perfect advice before flying away to Thailand.

Validity of Visa

The legitimacy of a Thai tourist visa ranges from 1-5 days to 60 days, according to on your own nationality. Applicants from USA, UK, and Australia may get a 60 afternoon Thai Tourist Visa in their Thai Embassies.

In conclusion, Thailand tourist visas are available for approximately 60 days of traveling while in the Kingdom. This could be extended another thirty days at the Thai Immigration office. It’s crucial to not forget to make an application for your own Thai Visa before your death to Thailand.

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