Facing the Truth of Virtual Horse Racing

Horse racing is often denoted as the Game of Kings but is similarly held by presidents, sheiks, and queens.

Racehorse ownership has been the preserve of the wealthy; petroleum barons, multi-billionaires, and actors all flexing their financial muscles, competing to have the upcoming blue-blooded, potential winner to locate its own way to the earnings ring.  You can also hire best Australian horse trainer at Harney Stone Racing.

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With tens of thousands of dollars changing hands, it’s hardly surprising that racehorse ownership is a really exclusive club.  With vet bills, training charges, transport expenses and an entire slew of other sundry expenditures, even syndication is outside the normal enthusiast’s pocket.

It’s the normal racing enthusiast, however, who’s the actual life-force supporting the game.  It’s the normal armchair pundit, the gaming store regulars as well as also the Saturday punters who spend weekend afternoons clutching a gambling slip when yelling at the TV, ready their favorite horses throughout the line which is racing’s most important fans.

They also dream of having a winner, breeding a derby winner or coaching a prospective Cheltenham Festival winner and listening to the roar of the audience as their new hero is introduced.  However, until recently, this situation was only a pipe dream.

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