Get Perfect Shape Components With Chuck Jaws

The huge majority of metal parts are of standard shapes that have regular dimensions. This makes the production of these relatively straightforward and they can be machined using self-centering chuck jaws.

If an item is more irregular in its shape then the machining process gets more complex and specialty clamping solution is necessary. Keep reading to find out how independent chucks jaws might be the solution.

How do they operate?

Independent chuck jaws are often operated manually instead of being controlled by a computer console. This permits each jaw to be maneuvered just as required through the use of its own positioning system.

With self-centering chuck jaws, this isn’t possible as all jaws are attached to and placed by one worm wheel. Since the handle of the wheel is turned all jaws move in unison.

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What they supply

However many limbs self-centering chuck jaws have; it’s often not possible for them to create enough clamping force to maintain an irregular object securely in place. Independent chuck jaws, on the other hand, are ideally suited to this sort of application.

Through careful and independent positioning of the jaws, it is possible to clamp the thing being shaped with the necessary force to stop it from moving during the machining procedure. This is something that’s vital for manufacturers and enables them to consistently produce quality items which are exact is their dimensions.

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