A Good Quality Fire Hose

Fires can be hugely harmful to both lives and possessions, which explains why it’s extremely important to be aware of your environment when dealing with fires of any sort. Workplaces that handle chemicals, hot machines etc. are at higher risks of having a fire began.

 Even though the risk seems lesser in residential houses and apartment buildings, those are the most frequent areas to have reported a fire. All it takes is somebody being forgetful and leaving a deep fryer running for too long or forgetting to turn off the stove. They are very dangerous and it’s strictly a good idea to have some kind of a fire extinguisher in your houses, offices and even cars.

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In the majority of the cases, it may be prevented, but if it’s out of control and you do find yourself in a situation where you can’t control them, bring yourself and others around you to security and call the 119 departments immediately. Firefighters are experienced and equipped with hoses and other essential equipment’s to control and extinguish it.

Some of the key equipment’s needed for a firefighter to effectively carry out his job while remaining safe, are fire hose, helmets, fireproof suits, boots, flashlight, and gear. The most important, however, is the fire hose.

With no hose, it is going to not be possible to extinguish the fire because there’ll be absolutely no way of carrying the water to it. Fire hoses are also great due to the way they’re built. They permit the water to be carried out from a water hydrant to the fire with such high pressures to ensure it is totally concentrated and successfully extinguished.

These newer materials of fire hoses save the fire department lots of time since the fire hoses can be stored right after a use without letting it hang dry first. Previously, hoses needed to be dried out completely before storage as any water left in the hose posed a danger of rotting and damaging the hose itself. This can be quite dangerous on occasions where there are real hoses are non-functional.

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