Best Holidays in Barcelona

Passion and play, gentleness, and equilibrium are the components of Barcelona. Luxury shopping in Barcelona is recommended to all the branded clothes and accessories lovers.

This Catalan metropolis comprises in itself a collection of contrasts evident from the very first walk across the rambles, the most important street of town.

El Corte Inglés Diagonal Store Louis Vuitton Loewe

The Rambles is a combination of culture, so “noble” between conventional resort grafted to a community of luxury stores, civilization and “inferior” of street artists that earn a living from art and alms.

The historical center is broken into conventional residential areas like Barri Gotic, the Placa Nova, Carrer Ferran…

Barcelona is a town overlooking the sea by the numerous and conflicting spirits. The Catalan soul has become the most impressive and makes it a town covetous of the culture and customs, so proud of the language to endure it into oblivion Franco.

The cosmopolitan Barcelona is obviously the one to start to overseas tendencies, calling via an active interface and also its proximity to domestic borders and translated here in a unique manner.

Culturally vibrant town and protagonist of a stunning economic advancement, the capital is a tangible manifestation of a continuous desire for renewal, it’s ordered by necessity civic (eg dell’Eixample) or structural demands (see actions for the Olympics 1992).

The tourist that reaches town finds an ancient and contemporary at precisely the exact same period, where the largest shows of the Catalan Gothic you will find breathtaking examples of Modernism.

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