Court Ordered Urine Tests

Courts should act on truth, and judges and juries make conclusions based on these facts. Urine tests are generally ordered by judges to establish or indicate that an individual is using drugs.

There’s not any arguing with a urine test because if the results are favorable, the urine will be analyzed to confirm the positive outcome. You can log in to for more info about urine tests.

Obviously, retesting wouldn’t produce valid results of prior medication usage as most drugs could have abandoned their method by then.

Courts can dictate urine drug tests in certain scenarios, like in custody conflicts when one partner claims that another is using medication.

In tough divorce cases, both partners could be tested for drug use should they accuse one another of using medication?

Additionally, those who were convicted of drug possession and are on probation have to stay off alcohol or drugs as a condition of their probation.

Those on probation who don’t create unwanted urine samples may have severe consequences, like staying on probation for a lengthier period of time or else they might even spend some time in jail for violating their probation.

Courts normally order someone on probation to create a particular number of clean urine tests over a span of weeks per month, for example, four adverse tests in just a six-month interval.

Random drug tests are needed, and when the convicted drug abuser doesn’t comply with them, he or she’ll face jail time or alternative rigorous consequences.

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