Worship in Small Churches: Dealing With the Challenges

Of course, there are tasks that we all face as leaders in small church atmospheres. Some tasks will reliant very much on the condition and certainly on the cause why your specific congregation is slight in number.

A great deal of church congregations has dwindled through time, in accord with the overall decrease in church attendance.

Many churches in this class naturally have congregations largely comprised of those who’ve been a part of their church for quite a very long moment. You can also look for churches on long island which are committed to given that an atmosphere where all feel welcome.

This being the situation, they are frequently very pleased with the way things are and might be resistant or hesitant to modify.

I have been fortunate enough to become a part of some really forward thinking and innovative churches, however, I understand people who actually struggle to convince their regulars that anything written since 1991 is really worth singing.

That I believe that the important thing here is to be certain we take the team with us where we go.  We will need to meet people where they’re at as it had been.

I would not advocate playing tunes only since they’re comfortable and folks like the songs, familiar songs are not always great!

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