Copper -A Blessing According to Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, the human body stores toxins, called ama, during the day-to-day process of eating, working and even resting. Ama needs to be flushed out regularly and efficiently, for the digestive tract to remain healthy and the three doshas (system) to remain in balance. The most essential and powerful element that does this job is water.

More than five centuries ago, Ayurveda healers equated the healing properties of water to the cooling soma energy of the moon. Each dosha needs water to balance it; the hot and angry Pitta dosha needs water to cool it down. Dry and cold Vata dosha needs the lubricating, warming energy of water. And slow, heavy Kapha dosha needs the detoxifying, cleansing power of water.

That is why, Ayurveda experts pay particular attention to the amount and manner in which water should be consumed daily. Here are three key guidelines. While Ayurveda healers discovered the healing benefits of copper many centuries ago, recent studies have corroborated this knowledge: copper is seen to play an important role in cellular respiration, utilization of oxygen and destruction of free radicals. You can prefer to visit Coppermules for  pure copper mugs.

Studies also established the role of copper in maintaining healthy immune function. Ask an Ayurveda expert, and he will tell you that copper leaches into the water during the night, lending its tamra tej, or positive energy, to the water. They advise that this copper-enriched water is beneficial for balancing all three doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Don’t add ice to drinking water: Even in summer, followers of the Ayurveda system do not drink cold water, particularly just before lunch. The reason for this is simple: iced water “kills” Agni, or digestive fire. Would you pour cold water after getting a good fire going in the fireplace?

Of course not. By the same logic, your appetite peaks in the afternoon, and your digestive juices are active. Drinking chilled water diminishes both,causing loss of appetite and sluggish digestion.

As a result, the nutrients we eat are not absorbed properly, and toxins are not flushed out fully. Instead of iced water, try sipping warm water with a dash of lemon juice. Lemon encourages the flow of digestive juices, and warm water stokes “agni” into doing its job even better.