All About Dark Spots On The Face

When you have undiagnosed dark spots on your face, you may be curious as to how they got there.

 There are a range of causes and treatments for dark spots and speaking to your doctor is the best way of dealing with them – especially if they are affecting your appearance so much that it gets you down.  You can also browse for pigmentation removal.

Types of Dark Spots

Blackheads – Little black dots that appear on your faces like around your lips, nose or chin are blackheads and these aren’t a significant issue. With easy exfoliation, you are able to continue to keep the dirt from your pores which trigger these blackheads and keep your skin clean.

Moles – These are dark marks that can appear on your own face but may also appear in different regions of the human body also. Some are secure, but others may be cancerous so it’s always important to test before you even consider treatment.

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Age spots – Also called liver spots, these kinds of spots are level round patches of skin which are darker than your normal skin color and typically appear on the sun-exposed pieces of your body. They are sometimes a light brown to black color and will not be debilitating but can show up on the arms, face or neck.

Melasma -Also called skin discoloration, this can be found in women during pregnancy and could be connected to hormonal changes in the body. This is usually when progesterone and estrogen create more pigment cells compared to normal and this typically seems on the face area.