Tips for Making Successful Job Offers

The interviews are completed, the paperwork is all filled out for Human Resources, and you have decided that this is the right candidate for the job. Now comes the formal job offer. Here are four tips to increase the success rate of your job offers: There are so many job portals for SMEs available today.


1. No Surprises: During the recruitment process, information should be mutually exchanged between candidate and possible employer. Beyond the simple job description and duties, each side should have detailed their general perceptions and expectations about the role.

Both the candidate and the employer should know what the reasonable compensation requirements and guidelines are for the position. Going into the offer stage, the employer is responsible for making certain he understands what reimbursement figure, or at least compensation range, it would take to acquire the candidate.

 The candidate is also responsible for relaying and confirming this figure sometime during the process. It is best if both sides strengthen this number, or given range of compensation before the offer is made.

2. Make it professional; Make it in writing: No candidate should ever accept a job offer without a written offer letter. Verbal job offers will simply not cut the mustard in today's world. Job offers should be well written and spell out all the details of the position, the compensation package, and all other associated terms of employment (insurance, benefits, vacation), including pre-employment qualifiers which may include drug testing and background verification.