Why Men Love Custom Zippo Lighters

1. They are considered a status symbol.

Let's face it, Zippo lighters are position icons actually. Why else do corporate gifts include these engraved with the business's logo? Why else do smokers all over the world happily show off and turn and flick these? Because it teaches you are somebody. You can also connect with us if you have any query regarding lighters.

2. No other lighter brand can contend with a Zippo

Name an added lighter brand on the planet that can go face to face with it. It has generated itself to be THE mainstream lighter make of this generation.

3. With them, you can express yourself.

There are military forces lighters for you. You will discover flag-patterned for you. A basketball fan, there are many football clubs' company logo designs for you.

4. A statement is manufactured by them.

Flipping and flicking a Zippo is a statement by itself. Exactly what does it say about you? You are one heck of any fan. Armed forces lighters show that you will be one tough military services cookie.

5. They make great conversation pieces

Since it is made the custom Zippo lighters (a) make a statement, and (b) can be an outlet that you can express yourself. You don't need to ask how.