How To Safely And Successfully Lose Weight With Supplements

Many people are curious about weight loss supplements, but hesitant to try them. They've heard that the pills don't work or are unsafe. The substance ephedra, banned in 2004, has been linked to heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and is even thought to have contributed to the deaths of two professional athletes. The banning of ephedra in supplements gave nearly all of them a bad reputation, but there are ways to maximize your ability to lose weight safely by using them.

Choose One with All Natural Ingredients

Many of the weight loss pill reviews have one common theme – the unnatural ingredients left users feeling jittery and their hearts racing. Instead, choose a supplement with all natural ingredients to help you boost your potential for dropping pounds while keeping your body healthy.  To get more information on weight loss supplements, you can look into website.

Some of the all-natural ingredients you should look for include yerba mate, damiana, Caffeine Malate (caffeine that's been specially bonded with malic acid), phenylenthylamine (which is extracted from chocolate), green tea, and cayenne pepper.

Some over the counter weight loss supplements contain prescription-strength appetite suppressants, such as sibutramine. While this is considered safe to use, its use should be monitored by a doctor and not sold in over the counter pills. Other ingredients to look out for and avoid include rimonabant, phenytoin, an anti-seizure medication and phenolphthalein, a substance suspected of causing cancer.

Follow Dosing Directions

Many weight loss pill reviews mention the use of caffeine to help suppress appetite and increase metabolism. Caffeine is a safe substance, but it is important not to take more than the recommended dose. People who double and triple the recommended dosage could end up feeling jittery and shaky, which can cause them to stop using the supplements, stalling their progress.