Tips For Canadians Looking to Buy Real Estate in California

If you're seeking to move, spend, or buy a second home, you should first have a simple grasp of the main element dissimilarities between buying real property in Canada versus buying the real house in the U.S.

Regarding Fees: With regards to taxes, I am going to never profess to be a specialist. That is too critical and the best is to get hold of a CPA (Certified Open public Accountant) to speak about your position and conditions that you may want to consider. If you are looking to buy real estate property in the US, you may visit

Having said that, here, for example, are 2 tips that could be unique of in Canada.

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1) Within the U.S. 1031 exchanges enable capital gains fees to be deferred from an investment property and rolled into another investment property many times over. From what I am aware, this evidently is completely different in Canada where this program is prohibited.

2) To get a primary residence within California, it is possible to right down the eye paid on your home loan as well as property fees.

Regarding Financing: If you want to finance a house within California, check back in Canada as well much like an area lender in the U.S. to see about your options you might have. The newest that I've heard is the fact that you'll need at least 30% for a deposit and proven water money for 6-12 calendar months that could cover your repayments.