Hipster Glasses – A Never Ending Charm

Hipster glasses aren't usually on the safe side of fashion. They are the sort of glasses that produce you stand out.

They feature unique designs and shapes, unlike the ones you usually see at your local eyewear store. They are progressive within an unconventional way and are a symbol of creativity.

Although they sound a bit adventurous, you should know there are lots of shapes and colors for anyone to be able to pull off a pair! Keep reading to locate your own. You can look for hipster eyeglasses at www.classicspecs.com/.


If you're wondering if they're over or still are cool, the trend isn't even near being over. In the last decade, hipster glasses evolved and dominated the urban fashion scene.

Actually, they are often worn by celebrity icons in movies, sports or music: Tina Fey, Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, Lebron James, Donald Glover, Kendall Jenner are only  a couple of big names who often rock the hipster look with these funky-framed glasses.

When it comes to rest people, just take a look at the level of Tumblr posts and Pinterest Boards specialized in hipster glasses. They are living proof these glasses are here to remain.


The hipster term was actually coined during the jazz age, a period of time that fuels Vint & York's designs when “hip” was an adjective to explain fiction.

Nowadays, if you wish to select a pair, but do not know how to explain what are those hipster glasses called, you should stop worrying. There isn't a proper name for hipster glasses, but you can easily identify them by style as numerous are known for their elements or shape.