How Fasting With Science Based Six Pack Can Transform Your Body And Mind

Losing a substantial amount of weight, or any amount of weight for that matter, can be a test of our willpower, determination, strength, and ability to kick our hunger cravings to the curb. What if there were a unique way to approach the problem of dieting that would increase the odds that our weight loss goals would become a reality? With Science Based Six Pack, that question has been addressed and answered through a new approach that many are referring to as intermittent fasting. Although going without nutrition for extended periods of time is nothing new, science is now showing the amazing influence it has on the mind, body, and ability to help men lose weight in short time frames.

Science Based Six Pack encourages men to consume their daily calories in a smaller, manageable time frame in order to promote the feeling of fullness after a meal is consumed. When we consume 2,000 calories over the course of a 16-hour period (the amount of time the average person is awake), we never experience satiation or fullness throughout the day. When we intake the same amount of calories, but in a 6-hour window compared to the traditional 16-hour time frame, our system remains satisfied. Simply put, it makes cheat meals and caloric surplus almost non-existent on account of our level of satisfaction.

To curb hunger cravings during the fasting window, Science Based Six Pack advocates the consumption of water and caffeinated products. When these drinks are taken into the system, particularly caffeine, they act as a natural appetite suppressant that can last for hours on end. Many of the major fat burning supplements on the market today utilize a caffeine based formula as this has been shown to deliver numerous health benefits and fat burning side effects.