Having Your own Business Card Is Important – Why?

Imagine you are at a networking event and are about to start speaking with someone you just met. You expect to learn a little bit about them and the services their company provides.

At some point as part of your conversation, you are going to exchange your business cards.

Typically people will introduce themselves and immediately attempt to thrust their business card into your hands of the person many people just met. Not only is this rude or obnoxious because it assumes that your partner wants your contact information, it also is incredibly intrusive when entering the other person's 'personal space' without permission.

You can avoid this faux pas by following three simple rules in terms of giving and asking for enterprise cards. You can try out many options for getting good business cards, for instance, you can Switch to metal business cards.

If you are the one who initiated the conversation, tend not to ask for the other person's business card until to your end of the conversation. You intend to stay focused on the subject and the direction of the conversation. If the conversation is an excellent one, you want to end it by asking your partner for their card and contact details so that you can stay in touch.

Do not give your enterprise card unless specifically asked by your partner or if you ask and receive permission to supply them your card. Just because you're having an excellent conversation doesn't necessarily mean in which other the person wants to stay in touch with you. You may even find yourself looking to get away from them.