Ways To Make Women Anti Hero Novel

An anti heroine is one good genre for certain films and stories out there. You possibly like to focus on creating your own novel related to such aspect perhaps. Such genre is popular too because of how it observes female empowerment. The problem with society nowadays is that most heroes who are strong in films are usually men. Creating more strong heroines is a good idea. What makes anti heroine special though is that super powers are unnecessary.

In most cases, they are just normal people but have the attributes of what it is like to be a hero. Heroes need not to wear capes and use powers all the time as some are simply very quick to move, highly capable in combat, or very smart to outwit people. As a writer, you got challenges to expect in making such stories. However, you can improve by knowing some ways to make women anti hero novel.

Adapt realism to these stories. Remember that you are not supposed to just give the character some superhuman strength for no reason. In fighting some enemies perhaps, there must be times where she loses too since no one is perfect to be realistic anyway. On how scenarios happen, you have to think about how possible those would be so readers can believe it.

Heroines are expected to work for good reasons. Indeed, challenges are common that they may act badly but that does not mean they stay on that level forever. Stories are nice whenever you feel like you would be rooting so much for the main lead to acquire justice once and for all. Even though she may have a twisted way of choosing sides perhaps, find a way where doing good overcomes it.

A woman with flaws is a good idea too. This is how readers actually give sympathy or care to such person instead of simply having someone who is already talented, beautiful, or almost too perfect. Give something different then like someone who has an unpleasant background. Another idea is by using someone with disability perhaps. This is your novel so the ideas are up to you for that.

Add big difficulties for such woman to face too. Novels are boring if she has gone through life the easy way and nothing interesting ever happened. It will be more interesting for her to almost have no hope in succeeding but something made her accomplish each struggle in the long run.

Ask yourself about what nice qualities should a heroine or good woman possess. You can add those qualities to such characters then. Identifying qualities and building her character is a big deal for authors.

You better not make the story very predictable. A tip is by reading and watching lots of similar themes first in order to avoid big similarities on ideas already made. You want to your own series to become special anyway and being original is appreciated.

Women should be an inspiration too. Make it to the point where she influenced certain people in that story or that your readers could feel inspired by the things she did perhaps. How effective that will be depends on how you wrote it.